Research Projects

Extracorporeal Circulation Without Anticoagulation
Dr. Bartlett (Principal Investigator), Dr. Meyerhoff (Co-Investigator)
The goal of this project is to develop and evaluate non-thrombogenic surface coatings.

Resuscitating Organs for Transplantation (DCD)
Drs. Rojas, Punch, Bartlett (Co-Investigators)
The goal of this project is to develop methodologies for resuscitation and transplantation of organs from donors that have experienced uncontrolled cardiac death.


Organ Perfusion and Culture
Dr. Rojas (Principal Investigator), Drs. Bartlett, Punch, Lynch, Owens, Ozer 
This project explores the idea of culturing and maintaining transplanted organs after an extended period of time away from the donor, therefore increasing the number of potential transplant recipients.


Development of an Artificial Placenta
Dr. Mychaliska (Principal Investigator), Drs. Hirschl, Bartlett (Co-Investigators)
This project explores the development of a respiratory support device for premature infants with respiratory failure using arteriovenous extracorporeal life support (AV-ECLS).

Development of an Implantable Pediatric Artificial Lung
Dr. Hirschl (Principal Investigator), Dr. Bartlett (Co-Investigator)
The goal of the proposed research is to develop implantable artificial lung technology for children that can serve as a bridge to recovery or transplantation.

Biovad: A New Cardiac Support Device
Dr. Haft (Principal Investigator), Dr. Bartlett (Co-Investigator)
This project explores the development of a device that functions as a temporary mechanical blood pump for patients that have suffered sudden heart failure and shock, as a bridge to transplantation.


Total Liquid Ventilation
Dr. Hirschl (Principal Investigator)
This project is focused on using perfluorocarbons in the models of severe lung injury.