Welcome to the Extracorporeal Life Support (ECLS) Research laboratory!

Our research is in cardiopulmonary physiology, pathophysiology, and bioengineering. The goal of all the projects in the laboratory is to improve the treatment of acute organ failure with mechanical devices including extracorporeal circulation. Over the last 40 years, hundreds of students at all levels have worked in the ECLS lab. Most of them have gone on to careers in medicine, bioengineering and related fields.

There are several research projects running in the laboratory. Some of the current projects are:

  • Developing an implantable artificial lung
  • Temporary replacement of heart or lung function
  • Creating artificial plastic surfaces that cannot clot when exposed to blood
  • The use of mechanical devices to enhance the function of organs used for transplantation
  • The use of mechanical devices to keep organs alive outside of the body for a prolonged period
  • Making an artificial placenta to treat premature infants
  • Determining the cause of blood damage by mechanical devices
  • Breathing liquid fluorocarbon to treat lung failure

Trainees  at all levels participate in the research conducted by the ECLS lab.

Our graduates are our most important product.