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Our UM lab has a long history of collaboration with Michigan Critical Care Consultants (MC3 Inc.) MC3 was founded in 1992 by 2 bioengineering doctoral students (Scott Merz and Patrick Montoya) and Dr Bartlett. The original project at MC3 was to commercialize a unique blood pump which was developed in our lab supported by an NIH grant. This pump (The M Pump) was released to UM by NIH, patented by UM, and licensed to MC3. It was made and marketed by Avecor. MC3 continues as a bioengineering R&D company. The UM lab has several contracts to MC3, and MC3 has several contracts to UM. All financial interaction between UM and MC3 requires approval by the UM Regents.

MC3 is owned by Dr Bartlett and Dr Merz., Disclosure and details of this interaction are defined in a Management Plan registered with the UM Medical School Conflict of Interest Committee. This Plan is available for review by all lab personnel.

MC3 Website is: